By Scott Perdue | Configit Inc. | 2/20/2019
This week on the blog, Scott Perdue gives us a preview of Configit's upcoming Tech Takeover presentation at Automation Alley. Your IoT sensors are sending data back in real time, but you’re taking weeks to process and make decisions based on that data, so you’re not even close to fully leveraging your IoT implementation. As long as your data remains gridlocked, even the best smart manufacturing initiatives can’t optimize your systems or processes enough to drastically improve margins, says Perdue, president of Configit, provider of configuration technology for the manufacturing industry.
By Molly McGuane | 2/13/2019
This week on the blog, Molly McGuane discusses how healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and many of the advancements we celebrate today may not have been possible without AI and machine learning. Although it’s doubtful that a computer will replace your family practitioner in the coming years, it is very likely that they’ll be present during treatment in some form.
By Brent Yax | Awecomm Technologies LLC | 2/6/2019
This week on the blog, Brent Yax of Awecomm LLC explains how becoming a digital leader doesn’t have to be mysterious. It is simply understanding the role technology can play to help advance the business, and then taking the necessary steps to get the right buy-in for successful change. With the proper foundation in place any company can be the digital leader of tomorrow. Just stay focused and stay positive.
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By Charity Hutchison | Automation Alley | 1/30/2019
Whether you're an exhibitor or plan to walk the show floor, preparation is key to trade show success for you and the company you're representing. Here are 10 helpful tips to remember before your next trade show.
By David Linabury | Element5 Digital | 1/23/2019
This week on the blog, David Linabury from Element5 Digital, discusses the requirements and benefits of website accessibility for businesses. An accessible website is one that includes certain features that create a comparable experience for all visitors, particularly for those who may have challenges experiencing the web. Most people are not aware that using the web is not an apples to apples experience for everyone.
By Jack Van Tiem | Kelly Services, Inc. | 1/16/2019
This week on the blog, Jack Van Tiem of Kelly Services offers insight into how companies can succeed in the future of work by leveraging their greatest asset – their current workforce.
By Tom Kelly | Automation Alley | 1/9/2019
2019 marks a very special milestone for Automation Alley--we're turning 20! And we want to celebrate with you, our members and partners, throughout the year with new programming, event options and trade missions. Entering our 20th year, Automation Alley has officially come of age. Our positive economic impact can be felt more than ever, as we energize growth opportunities for member companies and our stakeholders, and serve as Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center.
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