Posted on 4/15/2015

​A new way to find the right talent

This month, we introduced a new job board to our website called the Automation Alley Talent Exchange. Powered by WorkFountain, the Talent Exchange is not your ordinary job board. It’s an innovative new system that plays matchmaker, connecting employers and job seekers based on skills, interests and job requirements. 

Using correlated question sets directed to both employers and candidates, the platform systematically aligns employers to the right candidate for the job. Although only recently launched, the system is already in use by thousands of employers and tens of thousands of candidates from across the country and is growing rapidly.

Karol Friedman, Automation Alley’s director of talent development, says this new system is streamlining the recruitment process. 

“The Automation Alley Talent Exchange is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. While these companies create the majority of new jobs, they often lack significant human resource departments and relationships with emerging talent pools required to source the talent that they need to grow,” she said. 

Because the system provides unbiased, correlated matches, the playing field is leveled and candidates and employers are exposed to each other in ways that they historically would not have been. Consequently, the WorkFountain platform maximizes employers’ ability to reach a large and diverse candidate pool while ensuring equal access to opportunities for all candidates. 

Another benefit of the system: The Talent Exchange offers our members a significant savings compared to other job boards. Internship posting is free and posting job openings is only $39 per post. If a company does not find a match within 30 days, they receive a full refund.

To learn more, register for a free 30-minute webinar. Or, get started today and post your opportunity.

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