Posted on 12/9/2015

The Key Ingredients for Marketing Success

Kevin Krason

Does your company’s growth depend on your ability to sell more or expand your market share?  Are there plenty of potential customers who will benefit from your offerings?  If both of these hold true then an effective marketing program will get you where you want to go. I hope you’ll spend the next three minutes with me while I share with you my philosophical bent on marketing.

First, let’s start with a definition of marketing that we can all agree on.  

Marketing is a process by which goods and services are moved from concept to customer.  

Marketing has three main objectives:

  1. Capture the attention of the target audience
  2. Facilitate the prospect’s decision-making process
  3. Give the prospect specific, low-risk, easy-to-take actions that further facilitates their ability to make a good decision

It sounds simple enough, right?  If you really want your marketing to work, try approaching it with these three ideas in mind:

People buy on emotion.

Everything starts with awareness. If I’m not aware of your product, I can’t buy it. If I‘m to look for your product, there must be a compelling reason. It doesn’t matter what you sell, if there isn’t a need, you’ll likely find yourself looking for a new job. Your marketing must help the prospect understand how your solution solves their want, be it driven by love or fear.

Your solution must provide relief of pain or provide pleasure. It doesn’t matter what you sell. Further, the cost of your solution must be in alignment with the severity of the emotion and their ability to pay.  In other words, their emotional needs must be in alignment with your value proposition.

Knowledge is power. Use it for good. 

A savvy marketer listens to their customers.

The Internet has changed the world forever. Thanks to online search tools, anyone can instantly ask a question and receive an immediate answer. The validity of the response may be questionable but it’s generally not too difficult to know which information is factual and which is opinion. This power allows us as consumers to instantly self-diagnose our wants, needs, and pains and search for potential cures, while at the same time, recording detailed experience information with every click.  

For marketers, this creates an awesome opportunity to study and learn from our prospects and customers.  With each website visit, email and blog article read, video watched, and white paper downloaded, the prospect privately shares their interests, and indirectly their pains. By using this data intelligently and professionally, we can better serve them, guiding their efforts by responding to their actions with the appropriate message at the desired time.  

Marketing Automation technology is now available and affordable for nearly every business. These systems enable businesses to create a measurable, perpetual, scalable marketing process that attracts and qualifies leads, nurtures them by delivering the right personalized message at the right time, scoring the interactions to deliver ready buyers for the first purchase and the next.

Character feeds karma.

Honesty sells. Your marketing needs to be genuine. Be open about your offerings capabilities and always have the customer or prospect’s best interests at heart. This will establish trust, even when it means that your offering might not be the right solution. This honesty will pay dividends later.

Integrity matters. Your marketing is a commitment to deliver on a promise. If you fail to perform, you’ll very quickly damage any trust that you’ve worked so carefully to build. Deliver on your brand promise and you’ll have loyal raving fans in no time.

Passion is contagious. If you believe in what you do and care about how it impacts the world, everyone can see it.  It’s inspirational and often convinces even the skeptical to reconsider. You’ve heard that attitude is everything. When this attitude is carried forward into your marketing efforts, you’ll see clear improvement.

It’s a new World.

When I started Biznet 21 years ago, I had a lot to learn about running a business but I had the desire and belief that I could really help people. Our world is changing at a rate never before seen. As responsible business leaders and marketers, it is our duty to understand our prospect’s pains and motivations by first listening and then sharing assistance. These actions, when supported by integrity and passion, are undoubtedly a recipe for success, no matter what you cause.  

I hope that by promoting these marketing beliefs, quality and value will stand out amongst greed and the status quo, creating a better tomorrow.  Since adopting this philosophy here at Biznet, our brand and business has never been stronger. I wish you the same results.

About the Author

Kevin Krason | Biznet Digital

Kevin is an internet guy. Ever since Al Gore paved the way for the ‘super-highway’, he’s been a fan. In the early 90’s he founded Biznet as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). He built his first websites in 1994, teaching himself how to program using early web technologies. By 2001, he was fascinated by online marketing. He learned everything he could about the early search engines and the new player, Google. Today, he’s passionate about Marketing Automation technologies and enjoys working with companies from start-up to enterprise by providing the knowledge and talent necessary to design, build and manage a technology and data driven marketing process that optimizes marketing efforts to a finely tuned science.


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