Posted on 12/28/2016

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016

We're closing out 2016 with a look back on our top five most popular blog posts of the year. Thanks for your contributions and for reading. Let's make 2017 a successful and prosperous one!

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1. How virtual reality is leveraging technology to drive business
Business transformation and innovation are key to remaining competitive in the global marketplace. Recent research shows almost half of all CEOs expect their organizations will be significantly transformed by 2020. That’s why companies wanting to succeed need to embrace and implement both disruptive thinking and disruptive technology not only when developing new products and services, but also when transforming their business processes. By doing this, they can increase their agility, as well as drive rapid and cost-effective innovation and growth.
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2. How virtual reality can transform every business
Virtual reality is entering the marketplace at a rapid pace, with technological improvements driving down cost and increasing quality. The barricades to entering VR are not as monumentally expensive or difficult as one might think. 
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3. Industrial Cyber Security: What Every Manufacturer Needs To Know
When it comes to manufacturing or process automation, very few people are asking about industrial cyber security. Could it be that many don’t know what to ask?
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4. Manufacturers Are Unprepared for Growing Skills Gap
Taking basic steps now can help you avoid not having the right – or enough – skilled workers to meet customer demands. To ensure the health of your business and the manufacturing industry, the time to act is now.
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5. Six ways to keep kids engaged in STEM this summer
School may be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean your tiny geniuses have to stop learning! Here are six ways to keep kids of all ages engaged in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) this summer. 
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