Posted on 7/20/2016

How The 7Cs™ saved my company

We sat down with Scott Reisfield, chief marketing officer at Lighthouse Electronics Protection, to discuss how Automation Alley’s 7Cs™ entrepreneurship program has helped leverage his company to new heights.

The 7Cs™ program, open to advanced manufacturing entrepreneur seeking accelerated commercialization for their technology, is guides startups through a customized seven-step process that includes intense coaching and a firm commitment from Automation Alley to invest resources and capital. 

“We were having trouble communicating our message and generating growth. In January 2015, we met with Tom Kelly of Automation Alley and decided to join the newly launched 7Cs program,” Reisfield said. “The 7Cs™ gave us the professional assistance we needed to leverage our skills. We moved the company further and faster than we ever could have on our own. The 7Cs program has helped us with critical elements of our business plan and business process.”

Since joining the program, Lighthouse has updated and focused its marketing and messaging efforts and stepped up work with larger customers. The sales funnel is now loaded with Fortune 500 names. They’ve also expanded our international efforts.

“Our sales have doubled from 2014 to 2015. They are on track to triple in 2016. Revenue in 2017 could easily be five to ten times higher…and our company isn’t looking back!”


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