Posted on 9/13/2017

8 Reasons to attend Integr8™

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived. What's your integration strategy? Discover how smart technologies are transforming the manufacturing landscape at Integr8™, Automation Alley's global Industry 4.0 conference, Nov. 9 in Detroit. Here are eight reasons you can't miss this new, one-of-a-kind event.

The Industrial Internet of Things


Advanced Materials

Additive Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


Cloud Computing

Modeling, Simulation and Visualization

1. Attend the country's first global, cross-discipline conference tackling the eight technology sectors associated with Industry 4.0.

2. Advance your knowledge and understanding of smart factory technologies.

3. Gain actionable information from the world's leading industry experts.

4. Connect and collaborate with 500 like-minded professionals in technology and manufacturing.

5. Explore the latest in Industry 4.0 technologies at the Integr8™ Technology Expo.

6. Hear from 50-plus industry thought leaders as they share their technical knowledge and expertise.

7. Understand barriers to Industry 4.0 adoption and uncover solutions for a digital transformation. Learn how to trim costs while boosting efficiency.

8. Walk away with a blueprint for Industry 4.0 implementation.

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