Posted on 7/17/2019

This week’s top stories on Industry 4.0

As Industry 4.0’s popularity continues to grow, so does the news surrounding the companies making their digital transformations. Businesses around the globe are not only becoming more familiar with connected and smart technologies like IoT and AI, but they are also beginning to see the benefits Industry 4.0 implementation is having to their bottom lines—helping operations run more smoothly and more efficiently. Industry 4.0 can be used almost anywhere—from factory floors to farmlands—and can assist in almost any type of work. This week on the blog, we’re highlighting this month’s top news stories on Industry 4.0. 

Industry 4.0 aids the Mining Industry

Whether it is the declining ore grades or high prices, the mining industry struggles to maintain a steady balance. So how can Industry 4.0 help the mining industry? Much of mining operations data produced is not accessible to all platforms. This is where Industry 4.0 comes into play. Read more to find out how Industry 4.0 makes the mining industry data available to a variety of platforms by clicking on the link below.

Industry 4.0 is electrifying the mining industry – Via Mining, Review Africa

Water and Electricity Produced by Solar Panels

Engineers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have developed a solar panel that not only produces electricity, but water as well. How? By creating a device designed to capture heat released by the solar panels. The heat captured will then be used to produce fresh water. Experiments with the device has shown about 1.64 liters of water per square meter of solar panel surface area can be produced. If you are interested in learning more about this device, click on the link below. 

New solar panel produces electricity and clean water – Via UPI

A Holographic Display Dashboard Coming Soon

Imagine a 3D holographic display in the dashboard of your car. All the information you and your passengers need would be conveniently displayed in a glasses-free 3D dashboard. How cool does that sound? This could soon become a reality as early as 2022. Continental, a German automotive manufacturing company, has formed a partnership with Leia Inc., a Menlo Park-based startup company. “The car is clearly the next frontier for mobile,” said David Fattal, Leia Inc. co-founder and CEO, in the official release. “To us, it’s a bigger, more immersive version of a smartphone with full 3D awareness of its environment.” Click on the link below to read more about this fascinating strategy.

Continental wants to turn your Driver’s seat into a Holographic Cockpit – Via VR Scout

Artificial Intelligence is moving to the Farms

Have you noticed more and more people living in urban areas? Many people want to discover the city life and tour the big attractions, however, with people moving to big cities, less people are available to work on farms. Even though cities offer a variety of professions, agriculture is still one of the most important jobs in the world. Without farming, how would we get our food? With help from artificial intelligence, farmers are now able to analyze data points, improve harvest quality, increase productivity and use sky monitoring as a resource. For more information on how artificial intelligence is impacting the agriculture industry, click on the link below.

How AI is transforming Agriculture – Via Forbes

Walmart replaces paper-based assessments with Virtual Reality.

Walmart is not only one of the biggest shopping centers, but the nation’s largest employer. For Walmart employees, there are many opportunities to climb the career ladder. However, for those who are seeking a promotion, don’t expect a training worksheet. Along with an interview, Walmart added a virtual reality assessment. Using an Oculus Go virtual-reality headset, employees will be placed in a variety of situations and timed to see how fast they resolve the conflict. Managers will see how they react in these scenarios and find the best candidate for the job. To learn more about Walmart’s VR assessment, click on the link below.

Walmart adds virtual reality to assessment of an employee's potential – Via New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME)

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