March 2019

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6 Ways to Make Your Office "Smarter"

By Laura Gayle | | 3/6/2019

Across various industries, there is a shift in the nature of work taking place — and in the worker doing it. Technology can be attributed as the catalyst of much of the change, although some shifts are more personal and represent an evolving societal viewpoint. Full-time blogger and founder of, Laura Gayle, examines six "smarter" adjustments that can make a difference in the quality of employee output, overall efficiency, and ultimately, company bottom lines.

Industry observers have recently noted that Elon Musk should follow in Apple’s iPhone footsteps and find another company to manufacture its cars. While focusing on a core competency of product design is admirable, the observers are wrong. This week on the blog, Pavan Muzumdar emphasizes difference in designing, engineering and manufacturing vehicles compared to the approach that can work for computers and phones.

If You Design – Build It

By Doug Fura | Farbman Group | 3/27/2019

It is not difficult to understand why design-build has emerged as an increasingly popular alternative that offers an appealing way forward. The rise of design-build can be seen across all sectors and across the U.S., and design-build is projected to account for nearly half of nonresidential construction spending between 2018-2021. This week on the blog, Doug Fura of Farbman Group details how industrial tenants can maximize design-build opportunities by selecting the right partner.

Design Thinking and the Customer-Centric Organization

By Greg Heist | Gongos, Inc. | 3/20/2019

This week on the blog, Greg Heist from Gongos, dives into the challenges of understanding one of the greatest mysteries of all: the human being. This is where design thinking comes in.

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