May 2019

When hiring, it’s quite common to simply choose a candidate based solely on whether or not they have direct industry-specific “hard” skills and experience. However, transferable skills—soft skills like communication, time management, work ethic, teamwork and problem solving—are quite often what can set a candidate apart from the rest. This week on the blog, Ken Truss of ChapmanBlack discusses the importance of transferable skills, especially in today’s fast-paced market where industry sectors and technologies are constantly changing. The likelihood of finding candidates with all the skills and experience you want is slim.

With annual sales nearing $6 billion, Shaw Industries Group, Inc., a supplier of flooring products and synthetic turf, wanted to implement Industrial Internet of Things-based, real-time factory floor analytics. Learn how Automation Alley Foundation Members Splunk Inc. helped them answer important business questions and gain insight on key metrics.

Meet Automation Alley members Detroit Engineered Products and learn how this global engineering solutions and product development company is getting the most out of its Automation Alley membership.

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Ask most manufacturers if they want to be efficient or effective and they will likely answer: Yes. It’s not an obtuse or vague answer. They want to be both. And the well-worn path to success as they know it comes by being efficient. Gordon Stannis of Twisthink joins us on the blog to talk about how a balanced approach to being innovative and efficient can make your company successful.

HR Technologies: Creating Time for Strategy

By Chuck Werner | Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center | 5/22/2019

One of the primary improvements provided by Industry 4.0 is the ability to free team members from mundane tasks, enabling them to think more strategically and be more flexible to the changing needs of the business. And what aspect of business has changed more drastically in recent years than HR? This week on the blog, Chuck Werner, of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, discusses how new technologies can shift your workforce focus from tasks to strategy.

5 Ways to Engage with the Pontiac Tech Scene

By Kayla Savale | DASI Solutions | 5/29/2019

Technology businesses have taken hold in Pontiac, Mich. After years of economic struggles, the once automotive boom town has become a haven for startups looking for modern work space and convenient location. Kayla Savale from DASI Solutions gives the rundown on what you need to know about how you can get involved with Pontiac’s growing tech scene.

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