Posted on 2/12/2020

Check Out Our Top 5 Most Viewed Tech Takeovers

This week on the blog, we’re looking back at some of our most popular Tech Takeovers. Automation Alley's Tech Takeover is a weekly event series dedicated to Industry 4.0 readiness. These events—held every Wednesday at our Troy, Michigan headquarters—help small and medium-sized manufactures prepare for rapid changes as technology transforms manufacturing. Can’t make it in person? Keep up with the latest trends transforming our factory floors by tuning into the Tech Takeover livestream! And don't miss our next Tech Takeover, "Forecasting and Managing Revenue with Artificial Intelligence," on Feb. 19!

Data Science's Transformative Impact on Manufacturing

With the exponential growth of data being collected from production, process, supply chain, IoT and business systems, modern manufacturers are sitting atop a wealth of untapped opportunity. Despite this, many are still grappling with how best to use their new data assets and what tools are at their disposal. During this Tech Takeover, Soothsayer shared their approach to framing data science problems and insight from first-hand experience building solutions that improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce defects on the plant floor.


A Real-World Journey to the Factory of the Future

This Tech Takeover presentation centered around how to chart the path to your future factory using a real-world example centered around real challenges and real benefits. The experts at Omron Automation Americas and Veoneer Brake Systems explored advanced technologies and knowledge to get past the hype and buzzwords. You can overcome these challenges with the right knowledge and right automation partner. 


Jump Start Your Private LTE Journey

Private LTE networks enabled by emerging CBRS shared spectrum are poised to transform Industry 4.0. This Tech Takeover featured experts from the organizations that are leading the advancement of these exciting solutions including the CBRS Alliance, Cradlepoint, Geoverse, RF Connect and Ruckus Wireless (now part of CommScope) and aimed at identifying use cases, showcasing technology and business benefits, revealing results from early pilot programs and educating viewers on how to obtain Private LTE networks.


Legal Trends in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy for Business

Today it is just a matter of when, not if, your business will be subject to a cybersecurity attack. Staying prepared and understanding the legal cybersecurity and data privacy landscape is paramount so you can properly assess your company’s risk and ensure you have proper procedures in place when a breach occurs. Watch the experts from Brooks Kushman in this Tech Takeover presentation aimed at helping companies understand current legal trends in cybersecurity and data privacy and what your business should be doing to remain prepared.


Software Design Principles to Solve Product Complexity Challenges

The best way to improve efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing development is by applying software design principles to product complexity. A collaborative, iterative approach that is supported by branching and work items takes the ambiguity and ownership debate out of product development and clearly defines the rules and processes. In this Tech Takeover presented by Configit, you’ll see how this approach can be applied in the manufacturing industry and how it works in the real world.



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