Posted on 2/19/2020

Industry 4.0 Explained in 140 Characters


What is Industry 4.0 anyway? As Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center, our job is to bring awareness to the Fourth Industrial Revolution so that companies across the state of Michigan and beyond can become digital leaders. There are many ways to define this transformation, but can you explain the concept in 140 characters (the length of a tweet)? We challenged our staff to do just that! Here are the results. 

"Industry 4.0 represents the new technologies today, along with the digital tech of the future which will impact the everyday world."
- Cameron Bernicki, Account Manager

"Industry 4.0 is a way to change your business and mindset by leveraging tech to gain a competitive advantage."
- Kristin O'Neill, Manager, Sales

"Industry 4.0 is here and it's rapidly changing the way we work and live. Industry 4.0 is the convergence of the digital vs.physical world."
- Lisa Lasser, Manager, International Business Services

"Industry 4.0 gets us what we need, when we need it, while positively impacting the company, the employees, the environment, and society."
- Pete DiSante, Project Manager, Defense

"The marriage of digital and physical. A game changer."
 - Maryann Daddow, Vice President, Finance 

“Addresses the 'what else can we do?' that results from the 3rd IR. It allows new tech and process to gather data for analysis and action."
- John Bedz, Manager, Special Programs

"Industry 4.0 is the latest industrial revolution that uses the technology of today and tomorrow!"
- Derek Polena, Account Manager

"Industry 4.0 is #BigData #AdditiveManifacturing #CloudComputing #CyberSecurity #MSVI #Robotics #IOT #ArtificialIntelligence #AutomationAlley"
- Alison Trumble, Account Executive

"I4.0 represents the integration of digital technologies into our physical world and as a result, the changes taking place in manufacturing."
- Lisa Stief, Director, Operations

"i4.0 is the virtual world merging with the physical world, leading to a globally-connected economy and sparking worldwide innovation."
- Shelly Watkins, Event Producer

"Industry 4.0 is the overlay of the digital world on the physical MFG process. This allows innovation to happen faster & with better results."
- Rebecca Thibault, Graphic Design and IT Manager

"The digital revolution, known as Industry 4.0, has created an inflection point in history, redefining the way we live, work and connect."
- Nicole Kampe, Manager, Communications and Media

"Industry 4.0 is merging or bringing physical and digital technologies together to increase productivity and efficiency."
- Cedis Sykes, Account Manager

"Industry 4.0 is the opportunity and challenge of all businesses, from agriculture to aerospace, to merge their physical and digital worlds."
- Eric Davis, Technology Investment Analyst

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Automation Alley is Michigan's Industry 4.0 knowledge center, with a global outlook and a regional focus. Our programs give companies a competitive advantage by helping them along every step of their digital transformation journey. We obsess over disruptive technologies like AI, the Internet of Things and automation, and work hard to make these complex concepts easier for companies to understand and implement. As a nonprofit technology and manufacturing business association, we connect industry, academia and government to fuel Michigan's economy and accelerate innovation.

Are you up to the challenge? Comment below with your definition of Industry 4.0 in 140 characters!


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