Posted on 2/5/2020

This Week’s Top Industry 4.0 Stories

The advanced technologies of Industry 4.0 are making headlines this week, as companies across the globe continue to see the value of deploying digital solutions, including in China where officials are using Big Data to track the movements of individuals infected with Coronavirus. Here is a look at this week’s top stories in Industry 4.0. 

World’s Largest Hub for Collaborative Robots Opens in Denmark: Danish Robotics Companies Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots Invest $36M in Robot Development and Production

Denmark’s Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, unveiled what will become the new home of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR), the two flagships in the thriving Danish robotics industry. The companies will share 32,000 m2 (334,000 square feet) in a new "cobot hub" in the city of Odense, the heart of Denmark’s rapidly expanding robotics cluster.

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Toyota uses big data to prevent accidents caused by accelerator-brake mix-up

Toyota unveiled an emergency safety system that uses big data to ignore the accelerator if it determines the driver steps on the pedal unintentionally.

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China Marshals Its Surveillance Powers Against Coronavirus

In January, a person infected with the dangerous new Wuhan coronavirus used public transportation to crisscross the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, potentially exposing those along the way to the highly contagious pathogen. Using the country’s pervasive digital-surveillance apparatus, authorities were able to track—down to the minute—the sick person’s exact journey through the city’s subway system. 

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7 Key Cloud Computing Trends That Will Shape Enterprise Computing In 2020

In 2020, expect cloud computing to dominate the market, as it will continue to be the platform for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet-of-Things

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Advanced Materials Push the Envelope in Aerospace Assembly

Materials are important in every industry. But, they’re critical to aerospace manufacturers. If companies select the wrong material for a particular application, it can have catastrophic consequences.

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