Preparing your employees to successfully re-enter the workplace is more complex than simply preparing the workplace for their return. Many employees have spent the past several months hunkered down at home, in control of their environment, defining the “new normal” for themselves and their families. Now they’re being asked to relinquish that control and venture back to offices, warehouses and factory floors that suddenly seem unfamiliar and even dangerous.

Flipping the Switch

By Michael Kalil | Farbman Group | 7/8/2020

As businesses continue to move out of the triage stage, into post-quarantine, and begin to grapple with complex operational hurdles associated with reopening, it’s apparent that the process will be neither simple nor without challenges. Michael Kalil, COO of Farbman Group, joins us to explain how to prepare properties for a safe return and increased occupancy in a post-quarantine environment.

A robust process and the supporting systems for managing supplier information can create a competitive advantage for manufacturers. Large amounts of data, specifically supplier identification, qualification, and engagement information, has become overwhelming to track. William Crane, CEO of IndustryStar, shares an agile supply chain approach that will boost productivity and reduce costs in your supply chain while leaving more time for important strategic supplier meetings.

Currently every manufacturer, whether realizing it or not, is in a state of liminal space – a term that suggests where we are right now is between what is no longer (a past way of doing things) and what is not yet (a new way of working that is not yet fully realized). We have a global pandemic to thank for this current state of liminal space, but the reality is that liminal space is never permanent. There are choices to be made regarding the direction you will go next. Twisthink joins us on the blog to help find the cilver linings in this unprecedented disruption.

Americans are reevaluating their education options in light of the disruption COVID-19 is causing. They are looking for education that can provide immediate results. For many American workers that means earning postsecondary credentials. Adrienne Way from Edcor, a national provider of education benefits administration solutions, joins us on the blog to weigh in on the increased value of postsecondary credentials as a response to the coronavirus.

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