Automation Alley’s Tech Takeover

Position your company as an industry expert by presenting at Automation Alley’s Tech Takeover. This series, hosted Wednesdays at Automation Alley in Troy,  focuses on the smart technologies of Industry 4.0. Tech Takeovers are designed to help manufactures prepare for rapid changes as technology transforms manufacturing. Share best practices, develop solutions to industry challenges, collaborate and learn as you present to a room of 20-50 members, customers 
and prospects. 

Topics include: Robotics | Additive Manufacturing | Advanced Materials | The Cloud | Cybersecurity | Artificial Intelligence and Big Data | The Industrial Internet of Things | Modeling, Simulation, Visualization

Sponsorship Opportunity

 $1,000 Investment

What Automation Alley Delivers:

  • Automation Alley develops co-branded marketing materials 
  • Automation Alley promotes the event for you
  • Brand representation in all electronic and print event promotion to maximize your attendance, including:
      •  Event posting on 
      •  4-5 event e-mail blasts
      •  Promotion in Automation Alley’s E-Newsletter
      •  Promotion on Automation Alley social media channels
  • Receive an email list of attendees
  • Opportunity to join Automation Alley’s podcast, Factory Reboot, hosted by Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly
  • The option to add on a webinar three months after your Tech Takeover for broader distribution (Additional $300)
  • Room rental, registration, and food provided by Automation Alley 

What Your Company Delivers:

  • The presentation 
  • Select topic and speakers

To secure your sponsorship, contact Cynthia Hutchison at

Best Practices

Be a thought leader. 
This event will naturally create exposure and associate your brand with high-value thought leadership while retaining credibility with your audience.

Provide interesting content. 
Limit slides and consider demonstrations, interesting speakers or arrange a panel discussion with differing views that allows for audience participation.

Speakers should be experts.
Your presenting speakers, panelists and/or moderators should be experts in their fields who can provide actionable information in an engaging way. 

Promote your event. 
Using Automation Alley developed materials, help promote the event on social media and forward the email blasts to your clients and prospects. 

To secure your sponsorship, contact Cynthia Hutchison at

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