Autodesk's Fusion 360 software

Product development software does not have to be a mix of fragmented, hard-to-use and expensive tools running on specialized workstations. Autodesk's Fusion 360, is a professional-grade CAD/CAE/CAM/ collaboration tool built from the ground up. It runs on common PC, Mac or mobile device platforms with no upfront software purchase cost.

Annual subscription: $300 per year

Some of Fusion 360’s capabilities include: 

  • Highly accurate file translation for Catia, NX, PTC, Solidworks and many other file formats
  • Parametric, Freeform, and direct modeling with production drawing and lifelike rendering creation
  • Sophisticated programming and simulation for CNC machining and water jet capabilities with post processors
  • Advanced cleanup tools for models brought in from other CAD systems
  • Instant cloud-based version management and collaboration infrastructure with no storage limits
  • Assembly modeling and joints, animations and motion studies
  • FEA simulation: linear static, modal frequency, thermal and thermal stress capabilities

Contact Information:

Phone: (248) 347-9650

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