Discount on Subscription to Global Business Professor

Automation Alley is offering its members a subscription discount to Global Business Professor, a new online education subscription service helping corporate professionals and business school students learn practical, up-to-date international business skills. Global Business Professor offerings are provided in a ‘blended learning’ approach, and include on-demand seminars, audio interviews, online courses, reports, studies, live online and public events, in-house programs, and international business eJournals.

As an added bonus, Automation Alley members can now receive discounted training from the Thunderbird School of Global Management through their Global Business Professor subscription. Thunderbird School of Global Management is a unit of Arizona State University and an acclaimed global management school with a 70-year history. 

Why Subscribe? 

  • Get access to online learning tools any time of day, from anywhere in the world, via desktop or mobile device
  • Receive unlimited access to a growing library of leading-edge learning tools to help you succeed in international markets
  • Gain unlimited access to on-demand seminars, audio interviews and online courses
  • Enjoy unlimited access to international business eJournals, and over 7,000 international business articles 
  • Receive unlimited access to over 1,800 studies and report

Contact Information:

Ronald Hesse


Phone: (248) 687-1060

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