Industry 4.0 Leadership Evaluation

The Industry 4.0 Leadership Evaluation measures the readiness of your organization to adopt Industry 4.0 Technologies. It's the first step to determine what your next steps might be. Simple and fast, you'll learn where your gaps may exist and where opportunities await. 

The Industry 4.0 Evaluation is provided at no cost to Essential Members. Register your manufacturing company as an Essential Member now, and start your Industry 4.0 journey with a Leadership Evaluation. 

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  • Join an exclusive network of Industry 4.0 enthusiasts and experts. Share, listen, learn and engage with the country’s foremost experts in digital transformation.
  • Track your path and that of others with our Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Roadmap, which provides a high-level perspective about the state of the industry and future advancements.
  • Experience Automation Alley’s Integr8, the only two-day conference that brings together technology and manufacturing leaders from across the globe right here in Michigan.
  • Lean on Automation Alley for understanding, support and any questions you have about Industry 4.0. Our team can help you identify how to increase revenue, reduce costs, make strategic decisions, and get connected with the right resources to make it happen.

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