Education 4.0

Education 4.0 is a video series hosted by Automation Alley R&D academics David Pistrui and Darrel Klinke. In each episode, they'll sit down with a guest from academia to discuss colleges and universities role in Industry 4.0. 

Episode 1: Industry 4 0 Meets Education 2 0

Episode 2: Community Colleges and Industry 4 0 Workforce Readiness

Episode 3: Understanding Cyber Education in an Industry 4 0 Environment

Episode 4: Engineering Co op Education Opportunity for Rethink Unlisted

Episode 5: Unique Perspectives from 40 Years of Science and Engineering Education

Episode 6: Oakland Community College Leaders in Industry 4 0 Workforce Readiness

Episode 7: Automation Alley Podcast with Ivy Tech


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