A Winning Strategy for Non-Technical Executives Leading IT

This event is part one of Awecomm's Tech Takeover series for Non-Technical Executives Leading IT.

Today’s digital transformation is not only changing the business landscape as we know it, but also the dynamics of competition. According to McKinsey & Co., companies adhering to new digital rules are creating 5-times more revenue with 8-times more operational profit during the same period. And the executive leaders charged with managing IT in their organizations are directly accountable for making this transformation happen.

Join Awecomm and Automation Alley for a Tech Takeover on pioneering leading-edge IT management services for organizations that are ready to become digital leaders. Attendees will be guided through a new technology strategy, learning how to integrate it with business strategy while assessing new value.

The purpose of this event is to learn how to compete in today’s changing digital landscape. This event is intended for non-technical c-level executives charged with leading IT departments.

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