Cobot Case Stories and the BEHCO Industry 4.0 Journey

Join Automation Alley's Tech Takeover as BEHCO describes how cobots and other advanced Industry 4.0 technologies are bringing proven solutions to production. BEHCO will share case stories from customers and vendor partners.

Canon 3D bin picking has emerged and proving itself to be the real solution manufacturing has been looking for. Meshing the digital world with physical world, Canon is enabling 3D random picking with a wide range of features and capabilities to address almost any part and bin.

This event is intended for manufacturing owner/operators, c-suite leaders, plant managers, engineering managers, advanced manufacturing and industrial engineers, integrators, and machine builders.

About BEHCO:

BEHCO has been leading the introduction and deployment of Universal Robots in Michigan since 2013. From an unknown startup to one of the fastest growing robot company in the world.


Our Universal Robot Journey – Shifting Paradigms and Enabling Growth
Mike Folster, Robotics Product Manager, BEHCO

Ford’s Cobot Strategy and Deployments
David Gravel, Robotic Technical Specialist, Ford Motor Company and
Hussein Chami, Robotic Technical Specialist, Ford Motor Company

The Essentials of Collaborative Gripping
Jesse Hayes, Automation Engineering Manager, Schunk

Case Stories of 3D Bin Picking Success
Grant Zahorsky, Application Engineer, Canon

Programming Advanced Solutions with Simulation Software
Phillip Schwab, Business Development Manager, Artiminds

Cobots and 3D Bin Picking, the New Frontier for Automation
Mal Hulbanni, General Manager, Eckhart

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