Safe Automotive Software Development: The OEM/Industrial Perspective

Today’s cars already contain more code than airplanes. With the expansion of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, electrification and autonomous technology, the pace of adding new software to vehicles is accelerating rapidly. Recent headlines and lawsuits have made it clear that existing automotive software faces the risk for serious errors. Consequently, the demand for dedicated development processes directed at high quality is ever growing.

Join Automation Alley for a Tech Takeover panel discussion led by a group of experts from the automotive software development field as they discuss safety related software applications. Participants will learn how to implement best practices, quality assurance and procedure techniques. Come learn about the challenges the automotive industry is facing and the efforts underway to ensure that on-vehicle software is as safe as possible.

This event is intended for managers in charge of products that contain software, supervisors dealing with the day to day logistics of developing high integrity software and engineers needing to code and validate software they can be proud of.


  • Dr. Heiko Dörr, CEO, Model Engineering Solutions (Moderator)
  • Majed Mohammed, Functional Safety Application Supervisor, Ford Motor Co.
  • Awad Syed, Engineering Manager for Batteries and Functional Safety, FCA
  • Doug Barnes, Engineering Lead, kVA
  • Jace Allen, Business Development Manager, dSPACE

About Model Engineering Solutions:

Model Engineering Solutions, founded in 2006, focuses on integrated quality assurance of software, not just in cars, but also in automation technology. Whether verifying entire development processes or creating tailor-made solutions for its customers, MES' work is always aligned with its five company values: excellence, specialization, flexibility, uniqueness and independence.

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