The Next Generation of AI-Driven Semantic Text Analytics

AI-driven text analytics are already showing human-level and benchmark-breaking performance in various natural language processing tasks. From chat bots and language translation to text classification, things we previously thought only a human could do are now being done by computers. Whether in such forms as documents, emails, contracts etc., text has become a dominant contributor to the rise of Big Data.

Join Automation Alley's Tech Takeover as Soothsayer Analytics describes how AI-driven text analytics has evolved and discusses its possibilities for industry to garner a competitive advantage. This event is intended for practitioners and decision makers in verticals like manufacturing, supply chain and retail that want to leverage text data for insights. Anyone wanting to know more about advances in natural language processing.

About Soothsayer Analytics:

Soothsayer builds Smart Algorithms and all the connecting pieces to make them work. The company offers an array of Data Science services including strategy, architecture and training. Everyone on their 25-member team has a Ph.D. or Masters and a heavy background in math and programming. This multifarious assemblage of talent, along with cross-industry experience from working with dozens of Fortune 1,000 and mid-market leaders, enables the company to provide business value in all aspects of the Data Science value chain.

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