Forecasting and Managing Revenue with Artificial Intelligence

What if your accounts receivable model could predict which customers were likely to default on an invoice? Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible. Soothsayer Analytics will show you how their AI Revenue Forecasting and Accounts Receivable solutions, along with intuitive dashboards, turn analytics into action.

Accounts Receivable is a particularly important aspect of a firm’s financials. Manufacturing companies have multiple invoices spanning across multiple customers. Knowing the probability of a customer paying or defaulting on an invoice helps the companies effectively plan revenue for all quarters of a fiscal year.

Soothsayer Analytics builds a variety of AI-driven business solutions such as Revenue Forecasting models that help businesses allocate budgets and plan future expenditures. These models also provide companies with deep insight into customer behavior and future sales that predict the likelihood of a customer defaulting on an invoice. Companies can better prepare for impending defaults, keeping their collection teams proactive.


Shravan Adapa, Lead Data Scientist, Soothsayer Analytics

Shravan Adapa works with companies to understand their existing state-of-the-art systems and processes. He helps them identify the areas of improvement and build better systems by leveraging the power of AI, machine learning and data science. Adapa’s been building data science solutions for companies across various industries for 10 years. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer and a programmer analyst with multiple companies.

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