Manufacturing Next Steps for Returning to Work

Join Automation Alley for a virtual Tech Takeover to discuss next steps that need to be taken to safely reopen Michigan's critical manufacturing sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Michigan is part of a coalition of states, including Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Kentucky have agreed to coordinated economic reopening. What will such an effort entail? And what Industry 4.0 technologies can be employed to help mitigate future risk to the workforce and the supply chain? How must culture change within factory settings for the foreseeable future? What are some best practices for new plant layouts, processes and health measures to reduce infection? These questions and more will be addressed.

Moderator: Robert Schwartz, Shareholder, Butzel Long


  • Michael Silvio, Faculty, Wayne State University
  • Samuel Hoff, CEO, Patti Engineering
  • Tom Kelly, Executive Director and CEO, Automation Alley 
  • William Crane, Founder & CEO, Industry Star
  • Gary Schkade, President, AMBE Engneering

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