Real Time Supply Chain Visibility with Industry 4.0 Technologies

We are finally at the point with technology that we can attain complete, real-time, visibility of assets, people, products, and shipping through the entire supply chain. Combining multiple technologies like RFID, Ultra-Wide Band, GPS, LiDAR, and Wireless Gateways we are able to gather data and deliver it to any user instantly.

Join Automation Alley and SICK for a Tech Takeover presentation showcasing the solutions SICK technologies provides. This event will also feature use cases and demonstrations.

This event is intended for suppliers or end users of Supply Chain solutions that are looking for real-time visibility of assets, people, products, or shipping.


  • Matt Keil, Automotive Sales Manager US, SICK
  • Jeff Koncelik, Automotive Part Supplier Sales Manager US, SICK
  • Jeff Riemer, National Account Manager (Tire Industry), SICK
  • Tom Bonucchi, Manager, Sales & Marketing Transport Logistics, SICK

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