Seeing ROI in the Transition from Legacy Systems to Digital Twin

It's no secret that companies wanting to compete and innovate need to utilize the technologies available to them in the rapidly changing digital ecosystem of Industry 4.0. Is your organization still operating in a 2D environment? Join the experts at Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) for a Tech Takeover presentation at Automation Alley focused on how companies can make the transition from legacy systems to Digital Twin. What is the ROI on making the move from 2D to 3D? Learn how your company can overcome the challenges with existing operations and justify the cost of implementing Digital Twin technology.

This event is intended for managers and operations professionals.


  • Amanda Moore, Business Development, DSI
  • Paul Birchmeier, Mechanical Engineering Group Manager, DSI
  • Jim Pratt, Director Process Optimization, DSI
  • Keith Hasenfratz, Manager 3D Design, DSI

About the Design Systems, Inc.:

Design Systems, Inc. provides manufacturing, industrial and supply chain engineering consulting services. DSI is "vendor neutral," having worked with a vast array of technologies over 35 years.

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