Tech Takeover: Immediate Deployment, Immediate Results with Industrial Augmented Reality

Now more than ever, companies need to deploy technologies that provide immediate impact: fast installation, easy set-up and deployment, and instant productivity. Light Guide Systems is the industrial augmented reality (AR) solution that can deliver immediate results.

Leading companies have deployed Light Guide Systems' technology for logistics, assembly, inspection and training applications. Light Guide Systems can be deployed in just days, and smart companies seeking the best Industry 4.0 tools and technologies are seeing immediate results within their organizations.

Watch this livestream-only Tech Takeover on how you can move quickly to deploy AR on the factory floor. This event covered the following key topics:

  • What does a practical industrial AR system look like on the factory floor?
  • How quickly can you deploy an Industrial AR solution?
  • How does industrial AR work in a high-mix, high-variation production environment?
  • How can industrial AR be used for training my manufacturing workforce, to shorten the learning curve for new employees and new products and processes?
  • What are the economic levers for a profitable industrial AR scale deployment?

This event is intended for both large and small manufacturers and service providers in multiple markets, including automotive, medical, food production, aerospace and defense.

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