Use Scenario Planning to Better Navigate and Pivot Amidst COVID-19 Market Uncertainties

In a recent survey by the National Center for the Middle Market, 51% of CEOs reported that "ongoing uncertainty is the most difficult aspect of the current environment." 

Join Shepherd Advisors and Automation Alley for a Tech Takeover focusing on utilizing scenario planning to significantly improve strategic decision making over the next 6-24 months, despite ongoing COVID-19 related market uncertainties. Scenario planning is a proven regimen companies use to navigate through profound market uncertainties. Companies that use scenario planning do not predict the future; they envision different futures - and then develop plans to succeed in each. 

Intended for business leaders responsible for strategy & growth, this event will discuss fundamentals of effective scenario planning, and walk participants through four integrated tools executive teams can use to:

  • Effectively and expeditiously generate different scenarios of the future
  • Develop strategies to succeed in each future
  • Identify and monitor leading indicators that foreshadow the emerging future
  • Act promptly to pivot as the new normal becomes clearer

About Shepherd Advisors
Shepherd Advisors helps companies shape their strategy and culture for growth. Currently, much of Shepherd's work is helping companies pivot in response to today?s challenging and changing market shifts.

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