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You’ve taken the first steps toward your digital transformation and are ready to move forward with deep-dive projects. Work with Automation Alley partners to create plans that will yield success while you are in this expansion stage.

Membership Includes:

Showcase Your Strategic Vision: Select one of the following sponsorship tracks designed to highlight and align your company with other Industry 4.0 leaders to project your message.

  • Tech Takeover Presentation: Showcase your thought leadership and unique industry solutions through our weekly Tech Takeover series. Present a 60-minute, in-depth analysis of an Industry 4.0 solution or case study. Presentations conclude with a 15- to 30-minute Q-and-A facilitated by Automation Alley and include dedicated networking time to continue the conversations. Presentations are livestreamed, archived and distributed throughout our ecosystem. Work with the Automation Alley team to select a date and topic and utilize our customized marketing packet to invite your customers, prospects and employees. Automation Alley provides event support including a 100-seat venue, online and day-of registration, event logistics and food.
  • Case Study in the Technology in Industry Report: Your Industry 4.0 story will be featured as a case study in the Technology in Industry Report. With research and support from Michigan’s top universities and manufacturers, sponsorship of this Report will give your company the unique opportunity for brand exposure in one of our state’s most important and relevant manufacturing resources. 
  • Integr8 Expo Space: Display your products and services at Integr8: The Industry 4.0 Conference, to be held annually in Detroit. Integr8 is a global gathering of 1,000-plus thought leaders and industry disrupters all focused on digital transformation. Integr8 features dozens of technical breakout sessions from industry-leading companies, powerful keynote presentations from global thought leaders, a Smart Technology Expo, and innovative roundtable sessions designed to foster cross-industry collaboration and knowledge transfer.
  • Contributing Sponsorship to Automation Alley Signature Events: Your company logo will be featured on signage at Automation Alley’s signature events: Integr8: The Industry 4.0 Conference, the Technology in Industry Reveal, Clubs & Connections: Automation Alley’s Golf Outing, and the Global Economic Outlook. Contributing sponsorship also includes your company logo in event programs and on Automation Alley’s website.

Help Define Policy: Join Automation Alley as we welcome a local, state or national political leader to discuss Industry 4.0 initiatives at this invite-only roundtable of 15-20 companies from a cross-section of industries. Help shape future policy while highlighting your company’s unique perspective on Michigan’s leading challenges. 

Attend and Learn: Attend a wide variety of events focused on disruptive technologies with members-only pricing. Events include Integr8: The Industry 4.0 Conference, the weekly Tech Takeover series, the Technology in Industry Reveal, networking events and more.

Turn Knowledge into Action: Utilize the research and actionable intelligence from our annual Technology in Industry Report, Industry 4.0 Roadmap for Michigan companies, white papers, blog, podcast and an archive of the Tech Takeover series to fully understand Industry 4.0.

Invest in Your Workforce: Upskill and reskill your workforce through Automation Alley’s educational discount program. Your employees will have access a variety of tuition discounts from local educational institutions and training providers.

Grow your Business: Expand internationally with our Global Trade Missions. The Automation Alley International Business Team sets up meetings, gives guidance on how do business internationally, guides companies looking to export products or technologies, and handles all of the logistics before, during and after the mission. It’s the companies that understand how to digitize that will be attractive to global corporations.

Share Your Message: Offset a portion of your marketing costs to invest in technology and cultural changes by utilizing our marketing support system. Post company press releases and upcoming company events to our website for digital distribution to our ecosystem.

Connect with Our Members: Align with like-minded companies and select strategic partners that will help you take your company to the next level by accessing our online directory.

Share Our Space: Utilize our conference rooms, 100-seat auditorium and collaborative workspace to spark new ideas and innovations (Auditorium: 4 uses, Conference Rooms: 16 uses, Collaboration Space: Unlimited). To see an overview of available space, click here.

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