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Engadget | 10/6/2017
"When you walk through a plant, there are going to be very few humans on the floor, but there's going to be hundreds of people that are high-tech [trained], maintaining all those systems, because they're not stupid systems that are just stamping out metal parts," said Tom Kelly, executive director of the Michigan-based nonprofit Automation Alley. "Michigan is poised extremely well to play in that space, because we know how to make things. We know how to make things high quality, cheaply, quickly. All the things you want, and at volume."
WJR | 10/4/2017
Tom Kelly previews Manufacturing Day with Frank Beckmann.
Oakland Press | 9/28/2017
Tom Kelly, executive director of Michigan’s leading technology and manufacturing business association, Automation Alley based in Troy, speaks with Michigan business leaders on a daily basis and knows their concerns in regards to taxation. He supports making America more competitive in the global economy.
Plastics Technology | 9/28/2017
Integr8, which is presented by Automation Alley, Troy, Mich., described as “Michigan’s leading nonprofit technology and manufacturing business association, connecting industry, academia, and government to fuel Southeast Michigan’s economy and accelerate innovation.”
Industry Today | 9/5/2017
Dr. Howie Choset, professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University and chief technology officer for the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute, says robotic advancement will empower the human worker to become more productive, opening the door for new jobs and new industries to be created.
Crain's Detroit Business | 8/20/2017
The setbacks technology companies face are rarely related to the technology itself.
Benzinga | 8/18/2017
Integr8, a Nov. 9 conference in Detroit organized by Automation Alley, will focus on the technologies that are driving what’s being called the fourth Industrial Revolution.
Bridge | 8/17/2017
The American job market holds few guarantees, and its future might hold even fewer. But in making critical career decisions, here’s a question you might ask yourself: Am I a Roomba?
Modern Machine Shop | 8/15/2017
The Integr8 conference will be hosted by the Michigan manufacturing association Automation Alley and will feature material revolving around eight “disruptive” technology areas related to advanced manufacturing.
Crain's Detroit Business | 8/13/2017
To the Editor: I found myself nodding when I read Keith Crain's editorial on disruption in the auto industry — and beyond. ("It sure isn't just the automotive industry," Aug. 7)
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