Is your company performing to its full potential? Is it generating enough cash to sustain growth for the long-term? Are all team members aligned with a common vision? Is your strategy valid?

"After going through the assessment, we gained a much better understanding of our business. It was eye-opening to see how all of our problems such as profit and cash flow stemmed from common bottlenecks in our business structure. The changes we are going to make in our organization will help us resolve these and other challenges to continue growing our company. The investment of our time was well worth it."

Joe Volpe 
Purchasing/Vice President of Sales
Detroit Wheel and Tire

Automation Alley has teamed up with PCS Insight to provide an assessment of corporate strategy and direction to qualified manufacturing and technology companies across Southeast Michigan that are looking to grow or are seeking technology assistance. The cost of the assessment for qualified companies ($2,500 value) is paid for by Automation Alley in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

"Having gone through Automation Alley's Growth Assessment, the DWM Holdings leadership team found great value in the outputs. Not only has the assessment reinforced the need to work on certain areas of our business, but it has also brought to light some areas of concern. This has allowed us to be better prepared for our upcoming strategy work moving into next year. We are excited about where these insights can lead us."

Kelly MacVoy Guffey
Chief Revenue Officer
DWM Holdings

To qualify:

  • companies must be a Michigan-based manufacturing or technology firm,
  • have three or more team members who are willing to participate,
  • and be willing to fully engage in the process and report organizational growth metrics to the state of Michigan. Submissions are confidential and only aggregate information is shared with the state.

How it works:

Step 1: The form
Each team member will need no more than an hour to fill out the online assessment form.

Step 2: The report
You will receive a detailed report within two weeks of completing the form that measures the alignment of your organization's:

  • Culture: core values, mission and vision statement, and trust within the organization
  • Strategy: the internal processes for marketing, sales, operations and finance
  • Execution: the ability to put those processes into action
  • Financials: focusing on liquidity, returns and overall growth

Step 3: The presentation
We will present findings to your team, including the assessment results, a follow up with a Q-and-A, and will determine possible next steps for improvement.

"My leadership team and I learned very valuable information from Automation Alley's Growth Assessment, most importantly, that we need to spend considerable energy enhancing the processes and systems that link the various departments in our company. It's amazing that this service was provided for free. While there was no cost, there was enormous value."

Andrew Pass
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
A Pass Education

What's the catch?

There isn't one! The cost of the assessment for qualified companies ($2,500 value) is paid for by Automation Alley in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Past participants have reported that the assessment provided their leadership team with invaluable insights.

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