The 7Cs™

Helping growing businesses transform ideas into viable, marketable technologies and services

Automation Alley's 7Cs™ program helps growing technology and advanced manufacturing companies structure for success by becoming better from the inside out. Our entrepreneurship experts guide companies through a customized seven-step process that includes a Growth Assessment, intense coaching and a firm commitment from Automation Alley to help you find first customers and invest resources and capital into your endeavor. If your business is seeking accelerated commercialization of its products, service or technologies, the Automation Alley 7Cs™ program will help you develop your business and put you on the path toward growth.

Three Areas of Success

  1. Company Creation: 20 newly created companies
  2. Additional Investment: $18,647,982 with $10,710,802 in new sales
  3. Job Creation: 63 jobs

First Customers

One of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs is securing first customer. The 7Cs™ program will connect your business to Automation Alley’s deep network that includes major automotive and manufacturing suppliers, giving them critical early access to innovations that could take their business — and yours — to the next level.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Concept
Meet with our entrepreneurship team to determine if your company is a good fit for the program. This is done using our unique 7Cs™ Assessment. 

Step 2: Context
Understand the core sources of value and profit maximization for your company. 

Step 3: Clarity
Refine your objectives to execute for success and begin the transformation of your business by focusing on the most important strategic initiatives. 

Step 4: Customers
Ramp-up marketing and customer acquisition using effective messaging and attraction. 

Step 5: Capital
Understand and implement tools to extract additional internal capital and cash-flow while becoming more attractive to traditional capital sources.

Step 6: Commercialization
Rapidly scale production, secure resources, create jobs and become a mentor to new Automation Alley 7Cs™ participants.

Step 7: Community
Become an Automation Alley member and enjoy brand exposure benefits in order to raise the profile of your company in the community.

How The 7Cs™ saved my company

We sat down with Lighthouse Electronics Protection to discuss how Automation Alley’s 7Cs™ entrepreneurship program has taken their company to new heights.

7Cs™ helps local companies grow

Automation Alley 7Cs™ client Vanderplaats discusses how the program has benefited their company.

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