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Karen Wiltgen, principal at RSM, joins Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly on the podcast to discuss how companies can transform their business using robotic process automation (RPA). What impact is RPA having in today's marketplace? Which industries can benefit the most from this technology? And how can companies get started? These questions and more are answered on this episode of Factory Reboot.

Mark Noschang, Omron's National Robotics Applications Engineering Lead, joins the podcast for an interesting chat about how robotics are dramatically changing the manufacturing landscape for the better, as productivity increases due to robotics will require more human labor. What can history teach us about the future of robotic and smart factory innovation? Listen to find out.

Episode 2: Embracing robot-human collaboration

By Mike Folster | Behco-MRM | 9/1/2017

Mike Folster, robotics product manager at Behco-MRM, a leading Michigan distributor of industrial automation applications, joins the podcast to discuss why we shouldn't fear automation.

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