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Episode 15: Splunk and the A-ha Moment

By Brian Gilmore | Splunk Inc. | 8/7/2019

Brian Gilmore, a chief technology advocate for Splunk, joins Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly on the podcast to discuss his customers' a-ha moments when it comes to leveraging emerging technologies to drive new opportunity. The data is there, it's up to you to capture it, analyze it and harness its power.

Episode 14: Smart Cars & Smart Cities: Exploring Future Job Trends

By Elaina Farnsworth | The NEXT Education | 3/20/2019

Connected mobility has the potential to create a greener and safer network for vehicles, infrastructure and people. What will the world look like when our vehicles know us better than our friends and family? Elaina Farnsworth, the CEO and founder of The NEXT Education, is our guest on the podcast to discuss training our workforce for mobility jobs of today and tomorrow.

Episode 5: Helping Manufacturers Work Smarter

By Elliot Forsyth | Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center | 11/1/2017

Elliot Forsyth, Vice President of Business Operations at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, an organization dedicated to helping Michigan manufacturers work smarter, joins Automation Alley's Tom Kelly on the podcast.

Episode 3: IIoT and the data-driven factory

By Michael King | LHP Engineering Solutions | 10/1/2017

The Industrial Internet of Things promises to revolutionize manufacturing. What is the future of IIoT for businesses? Michael King, president of data analytics and IoT for LHP Engineering Solutions, stops by to chat about how manufacturers are transforming their businesses through data.

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